Connections app is buggy (freezes and often fails to start)

Two things happen very often for me when I use the Connections app:

  1. The RDP session (to a gnome-remote-desktop installation on EndeavourOS) simply freezes after a while, and I have to close the app.
  2. Quite often when that happens, the app (on my Nobara Gnome install) simply refuses to open anymore until I restart the laptop.

How do I check to see why it doesn’t start?

And second, are there any logs to see why it freezes?

EDIT: Apparently it refused to start because it was already running in the background consuming a lot of CPU cycles, even though the app window was closed and Gnome desktop gave no indication that it was running at all or why it wouldn’t launch again… had to install Mission Center to notice that and kill the app.

My gnome-connections runs pretty stable, but I found only two Android applications that partially support gnome-remote-desktop.

Did you find any?

I’m only doing RDP Connections between two Linux PC desktops.

But I did notice that most freezes happen if one of the desktops go to sleep while Connections is running…