Desktop Sharing and Remote Login


I’ve been fiddling aroung with Desktop Sharing and Remote Login today, trying to turn my mobile phone into a VR display.

Suitable Android applications are hard to find. So far I found two: Microsoft Corporation - Remote Desktop and Devolutions - Remote Desktop Manager.

The second does make a viewable connection with the Gnome RDP server in both modes, but the connection is quite unstable and full screen mode could be better. The first does make a viewable connection with the Gnome RDP server in Remote Login mode, but gives a garbled screen when connecting in Desktop Sharing mode.

Making both connections from gnome-connections has not been any problem.

Does anyone know any other working Andoid applications? Does Gnome have a solution of its own?

Kind regards,
Mischa Baars.

I’m having an issue getting Remote Login to work. I’m using the android microsoft “RD Client” app and I get this prompt and then error 0x207. Anyone have anything I can try?

You can try this link and the grdctl command line utility. I tried this utility before I found out about gnome-control-center->system->remote desktop section and I suppose the setup should work the other way around or entirely without the command line utility. It messed up the system even more, but in the end I was able to make the connection.

No VR yet though, because I only got the remote login to work.

If you get the Desktop Sharing to work, please let me know.