Community hackfest

I’d like to discuss a community hackfest for this year. Let’s talk about goals for the year and then work out topics and then set a time to meet!

Some sample goals as a discussion

  • Improve G2C (GNOME 2 Community) communications with topics to put on twitter/mastodon/facebook
  • Improve communication on our website
  • Improve process for release notes/infographics using gnome continuous
  • Website improvement
  • Growing the engagement team, improving onboard process

I’d like to start actually doing heads down work, not discussion. We should use this as discussion and get everything prepared up front. The last meet up with Britt/Nuritzi/Carolyn is a good example of heads down work that got somewhere.


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Lets figure this out :wink:

Moving this to the Engagement sub-category, as it sounds like it should actually be an engagement hackfest :slight_smile: Let me know if that’s wrong.

Hi @sri
I like this idea, once we have a confirmation from people we can start planning a Engagement Hackfest.
Do you think GUADEC can be a good moment for it, or you were thinking for some other dates and location?

At Libre Planet, we actually talked about a possible “west coast hackfest” which I used to run sometime back. We could do one in Portland, and it would include engagement, docs, gtk, and builder - we could include newcomers workshop as well.

The plan could be that we hold it before OSCON or after OSCON. Which is mid July approximately…

I like it being a bit of time before GUADEC as GUADEC is already very long. Additionally, we need more US events.

What do we need to do to make this happen?

Hi Sri, I think this is a great idea!!

Also, it’s Caroline** :wink:

Whoops, so sorry. I knew that was it was spelled, but damn fingers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways ,let me see if I can put together something and get buy in from the other teams nad start looking for venues.

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Here is our wiki which will be updated in the next weeks with new information.
In case you will attend the conference, please add your name at the participants list and the team you would like to join.

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Thanks for re-opening! :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Some updates regarding the HackFest.
@sri together with Teresa are helping out with the venue. Next week we will have more information on this and will let all the participants know where is this happening.

I have contacted people from the Documentation team ( 5 members), Engagement team ( 4 members) and GTK team( 4 members). Now the budgets are being sent out to travel committee for approval.

Our wiki page will be updated also during the next weeks.


Just a FYI, updated with the proposed docs team agenda and asked others to edit as they see fit.

Can we get the agenda items added for other teams as well?

Thank you, Petr! Yes, I have an agenda as well, I will post as soon as I finalized it.

Updated the list of participants from the docs team.

Where is everybody staying for the hackfest? At the recommended hostel place?

Yes, some are there. Britt is staying at my place in the spare bedroom. I have two couches available if you want to hang out at the cool house. :slight_smile: We plan on just taking the train in (about ~45 minutes) to the venue which is in downtown Portland.