Candidacy for Director of the Board of Manuel Haro

Hello everyone at Gnome Foundation Board and Gnome Community.

My name is Manuel Haro from Mexico and I’m Active Gnome Foundation Member, I am Computer Science Engineer with Specialty on Networks and Telecommunications, working for more of 30 years with Unix Systems and almost 28 working with Linux Systems. Working to strenghten the Open Source Philosophy at my country and Latam, from 12 years ago leading an amazing FOSS Community shaped for 60+ uiversities with 25 Open Source Innovation Labs as colaboration and technological innovation instance.

Powered by our great FOSS community, an extraordinary model of collaborative innovation and talent catalyst has been consolidated where we works over FOSS technologies to develop strong technical projects to solve problems in multisectoral way and create amazing innovative ideas; this succesfull model we are heading towards the consolidation of a non-profit organization that will lead, strengthen and promote the community as the basis for an effective digital transformation: Digital Development and Open Knowledge Foundation ( DEDICA Foundation).

I have had the enormous privilege of participating as a Judge at Gnome Engagement Gnome Challenge, as speaker a GUADEC for 4 years, as speaker at Gnome Asia 2 years, at Linux App Summit 2 years as Member of Gnome Foundation.

At 2019 I was lead the Local Team present the proposal to organize GUADEC in Mexico that was approved for 2020 but the COVID pandemic force Us to organize GUADEC virtually for 2 years, of which I was be part of the organizing team; and finally we reach the edition GUADEC 2022 at Guadalajara, Mexico with really amazing results and opening an enormous possibility of linking the FOSS community and all our talent in Latam to all the efforts of Gnome Foundation.

Recently working with an extraordinary group of leaders who are part of the Gnome Foundation to organize the Gnome Latam 2023 edition in a hybrid way, having the City of Zacatecas in Mexico as its face-to-face venue with an important participation and with assistants working remotely through our transmissions online almost from all the countries at Latam.

Like a strong FOSS Community we have created strategic events to promote, disseminate and position all open source technologies as Latam Open Source Tech Summit (LOTS), Innova Challenge (Hackaton) and Open Source Tech Talks ( Regional Forum) from wich we from which we promote the use and adoption of open technologies in addition to integrating the talent of young developers so that they get involved in incredible instance projects such as the Gnome Foundation.

With the enormous fortune of working with Linux systems since the first distributions from 1994, working from versions without a graphical interface and experimenting from the first graphical interfaces that were developed for these virtuous operating systems; I have acquired an enormous passion for the use, adoption, promotion and development of FOSS technologies as a great alternative to strengthen the efforts of foundations, governments, companies and social organizations to promote technological innovation and digital transformation.

I know the history of the Gnome project that just turned 25 years old, I thank all the developers who have worked so that we have today one of the best suites for work and use from personal computers to robust supercomputing servers; Just being an active member of the Gnome Foundation is amazing and collaborating with all this fantastic team.

I have had the opportunity to participate as a speaker and instructor in very prominent events in Mexico and more than 20 countries, events such as Open Expo Europe, Campus Party Brazil, International Free Software Conference in Argentina, International Free Software Forum in Brazil, Latinoware in Brazil, LABITCONF in El Salvador, CONSEGI in Brazil, FLISOL in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

Grateful for the trust and support of this great team around the Board of the Gnome Foundation, in the most respectful and responsible way, it is a great pleasure to present to all of you my candidacy for Director within the Board of the Gnome Foundation with the firm mission to promote the strengthening of the philosophy of this great project, the positioning of one of the most solid and complete suite of computer solutions for computing devices, encourage training in terms of its use and exploitation, attract generational talent of developers to strengthen Foundation strategies when required and above all strengthen this great community around the Gnome Foundation not only in Mexico, not only in Latam but globally.

Wishing everyone the best of success in the missions they are on, I offer them my experience and skills to contribute in everything possible and tell them that I am proud to already be a Member of the great Gnome Foundation.

Excited and very motivated, tell everyone that it will be a great honor to personally greet you all at GUADEC 2023 very soon!


Manuel Haro


I’ve known Manuel for about 6 years now and he’s been a fan of GNOME and the project since we’ve met. Manuel has a wealth of accomplishments including building a lab focused on open source. His dedication to the ecosystem is without doubt.

I am seconding his nomination.

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Foundation member, one endorsement required, this candidacy has been approved for 2023’s Board of Directors elections.

Manuel, would you mind posting your affiliation for transparency please?

I will share now my affiliation data:

Name: Manuel Haro
Place of Birth: Zacatecas, Mexico
Professional profile: Computer Science Engineer
Affiliation: Teacher at University of Zacatecas and leader of Open Source Innovation Labs Community at Mexico and Latam.


Sure, will be a pleasure!