Best Practices: Tips to develop a best application using GI components

GNOME has a really nice documentation for Human Interface Guidelines. But that doesn’t cover enough things in programming and development itself. So as a proud user of GNOME’s technologies, what are some tips and tricks you would like to tell a newbie or pro that gets the best out of GI components?

Dumb Example :
Use Gtk.SearchBar instead of Gtk.Entry to perform real-time operations on text entered by user.

Psst : Share virtually any tip that you think will benefit someone and feel free to show that in code written using any language, but please mention the language!
Psst : Maybe this thread is out of topic ?? Sorry !

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I guess it depends somewhat on the programming language in use. Any time I ask anyone for good examples of GLib in C, the answer is always GNOME Builder’s source.

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If I shared all the tips I’ve learned in the 5 years of Gtk and Python, it would make a book. Which reminds me…

If you want to look at some of them head on over to


I get you. Builder’s source is good if you are learning or teaching someone GNOME. Thanks for the tip.

Your name itself tells me how devoted you are to Gtk !! :smile:

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