Keeping topics alive

Yep, I agree, we have the slightly same objective in Auto closing topics and Do not auto-close topics . My question really is, there are some topics which should never be closed cause they act as a source of continuous contribution.

  1. Best Practices: Tips to develop a best application using GI components
    Here the idea is to get tips from developers. It should be kept open as it acts as a single source whenever someone searches in internet “Tips for Gtk”.

Next, we should leave unanswered or topics with no reply to be open (Example : Use of `text` in Gtk.TreeViewColumn). You know why.
I don’t want to completely shut down the autoclosing of topic. But what I want is, we could have excuse for few topics (with the permission from Foundation Staff). [How is Useful documentation for GTK alive? Its last reply was in September]
What do you say?

Open-ended topics are fine to leave open. Specific topics that never received an answer should not be left open—either open a new topic, and ask it to be merged; or ask an admin to reopen the closed topic.

So Best Practices: Tips to develop a best application using GI components could be kept open? And how (where) to inform an admin to merge or reopen a topic?

I’ve re-opened it, but to be fair, if nobody has commented on for two weeks at the time it’s unlikely you’ll get more comments now.

Use the “flag” button, and choose “Other”.

Yes the hard truth…

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