Batch handle xmc files

Hi, I have two tasks at hand. 1. convert a folder full of PNG to XMC, 2. Resize a folder full of XMC - reduce the size by 50%

Is it possible to batch process these tasks? I tried BIMP, it does not offer XMC support for either of these tasks.

Any help will be great. Thanks.

Any help in this thread?

Not yet @gstalnaker , I am opening them one by one using GIMP or checking other cursor themes.

K. I was able to install on my kubuntu laptop a set of xcursor themes. I could see the files in /usr/share/icons though none of them had a xmc extension. Used the head command from a terminal I confirmed that the files had Xcur in their header, so I assume they are xcursor files. magick, convert, and gmic cannot open one of these files. But, GIMP CAN open them. I assume from that point I can save to whatever format I desire. I think you’ve gotten this far as well. I’ve never used GIMP in batch mode so I don’t know how to write a batch procedure (because scheme!) but perhaps this can help: GIMP - GIMP Batch Mode

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GAH! Just remembered you want to convert TO xmc. Dunno if GIMP can do that, sorry.

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I just discovered that converting xmc in batch comes with other challenges. Like defining the hotspot which is different for each file. I am using 24.04 and thought that Nautilus will support thumbnail preview for xmc files. Looks like that’s not the case.

I have been playing with it for a long time. So I kind of know it by heart.