Batch convert XMC to PNG

Hi, I have a folder full of .xmc files which I would like to recognise visually. Is there any method to batch convert them into PNG using GIMP? I am using Ubuntu 22.04. Thanks.

PS: The purpose is to identity .xmc files visually. So it would be great if the files retain the original name after conversion. may help. There’s also a plug-in somewhere for GIMP to open xcursor (xmc) files.

There are also xcursor thumbnailers, that will let e.g. the gnome Files (nautilus) or KDE flounder or whatever it’s called show thumbnail previews for those files.

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Yo should be able to see them with XnViewMP

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Sadly, it didn’t work while using XnView MP


There are no thumbnail previews in Dolphin either.

xcur2PNG was missing dependencies libXcursor and libPNG. While they were available already. Checked using Synaptic Package Manager as well.


But you can batch convert them to png with XnView? (Tool > Batch convert, or right click on multiple select > Batch convert)
will it help if the png thumbnail is beside the xmc?

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Hi, looks like no support for xmc

Started at: 31/07/23 12:57 AM

/home/myPC/left_ptr.xmc 0x0x0 : not a picture
/home/myPC/point.xmc 0x0x0 : not a picture

Input files: 2
Extracted pages: 0

Total Duration: 0 second(s)

Finished at: 31/07/23 12:57 AM

I did found this on ask Ubuntu

I hope it can help.

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