An idea that adheres to "the gnome-way"

Love gnome and its principle of simplicity and getting out of your way but I think you lost something with 3.38.

I like the merging of the “frequent” and “all” apps into a customizable array however…I found myself messing around with the order then wanting to revert it but found no easy way to do so. “Fiddling about” too much with the shell is what turned me off using Windows. So a suggestion. Once the app page is open the user can right click anywhere in a space and find a menu:

Order by…
Frequently used

Click on any of these to your preference. This would greatly simplify usage and empower the user.



Hii !
I support having a row dedicated to frequent apps, like the app drawer in Android has.
The first row can show our frequent apps and the other rows show other apps.

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While some users might like the idea, others might prefer having total control of what appears on the app grid (such as myself)… I think if you really want this idea to implemented, more work should be done:

  • Ask if a good portion of users would like this idea
    • if there are too little users wanting this functionality, then it might not be worth developing it
    • if there are too many users wanting this functionality, then it could replace how the app grid currently works (but no way to disable it)
    • if there are a reasonable amount of users wanting this functionality, then more work is to come:
      • Design how the grid would look like
      • Design how users will be able to toggle the functionality and where
        • Keep accessibility in mind
      • Open a bigger discussion topic with all information together, see this thread.

By all means, don’t I’m discouraging the idea! Just giving some ideas on how to carry the idea and increase chances of it happening :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do you mean even more functionality, like the ability to show/hide apps?

Not sure how. The app grid would remain exactly the same, all that would change is the ability to affect the order apps are displayed - with 3 options.

I’m not sure whether it would be cool to hijack that thread as it seems more specifically about the look (dark, light, colour).

What we could do is perhaps start a general thread for suggestions for the “app grid” if one does not already exist…

I just noticed I didn’t replied to @j_arun_mani instead I did to the main thread :/.


I meant the positions of the apps, as it was meant to be an answer to @j_arun_mani

Even though my comment was an answer to another comment, this applies to yours as well… Where do you plan to have the option to change the order of the apps? On the grid itself? In GNOME Control Panel? Where on these places?

I meant after mock-ups and search is done, open a new topic to discuss this idea in a more organized fashion (such as the one with dark and light modes), I never meant to suggest posting on that thread (sorry if it looked like it, as you can probably already tell, english isn’t my mother language)

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