A use case where starting with "Activities" view is annoying

Dear all,
I’ve been reading this closed post (GNOME 40 login is to the activities/overview mode, how do you disable this?) with great interest as I am stuck with this since the upgrade to gnome 40.

I have a media center managed with Kodi, which is completely controlled with Kore on our Android smartphones : Wake On Lan, browsing music collection, etc. It means we do not have keyboard and mouse on this computer.

So since gnome 40, Kodi is not displayed fullscreen. Instead it is shown through the “Activities” view.

I hope that this argument will support making this behaviour changeable through an option. Or at least disabled when a graphical application is launched at start-up.

Thanks !

You know that No overview at start-up - GNOME Shell Extensions exists, right?

Well, now I know ! Thanks a lot. Indeed I didn’t use the right name “Overview” when searching.

If you have a single application running, you probably want to use GNOME’s “kiosk” mode, instead of the full shell: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-kiosk

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It is not my case, as I eventually open other media applications, but it’s definitely worth mentioning!

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