Yubikey SSH cache password

I followed the documentation of Yubikey:

I’ve added reader-port Yubico Yubi to the file scdaemon.conf file and after that also shared-access because it didn’t work.

In gpg.conf I have use-agent and in gpg-agent.conf I have enable-ssh-support.

This should make things work. And it does, but it doesn’t cache the password. It does when I make sure gnome-keyring-daemon --start --components=ssh --daemonize is set. Which by default is /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --daemonize --login.

So my question is this. How do other people make a Yubikey with SSH work, and make the password cache. Because now I have to type in the password every time. I’m using Fedora 36 with a Yubikey 5 NFC.

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