Xmonad and gnome 44 integration

Hi :wave:
Can anybody tell me what is the best way to use xmonad with gnome?

I read that one of the better practice is to set xmonad as a gnome window manager and use it within regular gnome session.
Does it look like a good idea? If so, can anybody explain what is proper way to do that?

You cannot replace GNOME Shell as the compositor in a GNOME session.

Not whole gnome shell, just replace default gnome’s window manager(mutter maybe) on xmonad.

That’s GNOME Shell: the compositing window manager (and display server, when using Wayland) of GNOME.

You cannot replace that with something else: you need your own session, and then you need to start a bunch of components which may or may not need GNOME Shell to run.

GNOME is not a box of spare parts.

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