Xbox One Emulator

Hello, GNOME developers. Please make Xbox One Emulator for save Kinect games and playing Xbox One games in Linux.

Idea for naming: GNOME Demu (Durango Emulator)

Thanks to the Xbox One emulator Linux gamers buy Xbox games and GamePass = Linux gamers playing Xbox One games on Linux. Pluses: no Denuvo and games are optimized.

“Plane”: make Xbox One emulator based on QEMU, GNOME UI for QEMU.

UI oriented to tablets. I`m create mockup UI for future Xbox One Emulator:

If GNOME and RedHat developers make a Xbox One Emulator - im buy GNOME merch. I love modern GNOME. GNOME is best Linux desktop.

Other GUI mockups:

This is impossible, because there is no any Xbox One emulator and GNOME developers won’t make it, because there’s the possibility of a lawsuit from Microsoft.

But your mockups remind me of GNOME Games.
It was an emulator of a bunch of retro consoles, just like Retroarch. But the project is no longer in development.