Wrappable string in GtkListView


I’m trying to use GtkListView, but I have a problem when I put a string in a list item and set it to wrap. It’s as if the view is reserving some height for when it needs to actually wrap the string.

How it looks with the wrap property set to true:

How it looks with the wrap property set to false:

Is there a way to avoid this, apart from not wrapping the string?

That is how height-for-width works in this case, see https://developer.gnome.org/Labels/#Labels_in_resizable_windows

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Thank you @matthiasc, I wasn’t aware of that behavior. I don’t remember encountering it when I used GtkListBox, but I may not have paid attention.

Anyway, I played with different values of width-chars, and I didn’t manage to find one that worked for me (my actual use is a bit more complex than the example above). Setting it at a value that makes the space disappear makes the window grow in width and prevents it from being sized down, and the label never wraps.

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