Would love feedback on a new app

Hi GNOME community,

First off, to briefly introduce myself, I’m a Linux and GNOME user for quite some time, and I want to give back to the community, but I’m only starting with programming anything beyond short scripts and pipelines (I’m a biologist specialised in bioinformatics).
I wanted to learn GTK4 + libadwaita + Rust, but big codebases scare me, so I started developing an app (using Bilal Elmoussaoui’s template) to search and install extensions from https://extensions.gnome.org/ . It can currently search, install, and also list and uninstall currently installed extensions.
I’m now at a point where I can consider this learning experience complete, and I would like to know if it’s worth it for me to keep developing this app or it would be better to try and help somewhere else, since I’m also at a point where I feel like I need some help to keep going. Would this app be helpful for the GNOME community?
Here’s the app: Joan Mas-Lloret / extensions-manager · GitLab
I hope you can install with no problem with GNOME Builder, I’m not sure what the instructions to install it would be in other machines. I’m using the master branch of GNOME’s SDK, that I can tell.
And a screenshot (which in itself shows its incomplete state, also the big switch on top doesn’t do anything):

I look forward to your feedback and I hope this is the start of me taking part in this community :heart:

Joan Mas Lloret

EDIT: How could I forget to say thank you to everyone who develops the libraries, the documentation and the template that I used? Sorry for that!


Looks good :slight_smile:

I believe at some point there will be an official store, but it may take some time and there’s always room for more. I made simple one myself, and you’re welcome to borrow as many ideas as you want:

It was written in GJS, but it’s still GLib/GTK4 so maybe there’s something useful in there. I don’t plan on developing it further, so don’t stop working on yours :slight_smile:


That’s super cool!! I’ll test it later in my machine.

Do you have plans to publish it on Flathub??

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I’d love to, but it’s definitely not ready yet. Any feedback welcome as I keep working on it :slight_smile:

So, I was avout to test the app today. Unfortunatrly I got an error while running it as a flatpak:
thread main panicked at ‘called Result::unwrap()’ on an Err value: Io(OS {code: 32, kind: BrokenPipe, message: “Datenübergabr unterbrochen (broken pipe)”})’, src/window.rs:104:49

After the first run, I started getrung another error:

thread main panicked at ‘called Result::unwrap()’ on an Err value: Variant(Message(" missing field url")), src/ui/pages.search.rs:91:46

I find this very weird and it’s probably an issie on my side (I’m using NixOS atm). I’ll try to fix it sometime soon! Really excited to try your project.

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