Workspace naming and avoiding removing empty workspaces

At some point i successfully renamed two of my workspaces. This ability seems to have been taken away— the names i gave remain, but i cannot name more.

To be able to rename a workspace as simply by right-clicking would be very helpful.

Further, to never remove a named workspace, even if it has nothing in it, until its name is reset to default, would be very helpful.

Dynamic workspaces automatically removing a workspace when it is empty is very annoying, and rises to the level of a bug in my opinion, when it results in all the windows of a workspace below being moved from a workspace with one name into a workspace with another name.

Any hope for having named workspaces, and having them work as one would expect named workspaces to work?


Gnome version 3.38.5, Wayland windowing, on Debian 11.

No, the last change to workspace naming was the GConf → GSettings transition in 3.4 (released in 2012).

But you will need an extension to make the names show up somewhere. As you note yourself, dynamic workspaces are pretty incompatible with workspace naming, so the names have never been exposed in GNOME 3.

All workspaces have a name :wink:

(We could add API to mutter to check for custom names.)

Sorry, but no. This is a default you don’t like, not a bug.

$ gsettings set org.gnome.mutter dynamic-workspaces false

… which is why we stopped showing the name 10 years ago.

By “as one would expect” you mean “as I expect”. That’s pretty ill-defined, so the honest answer is “who knows”.

(If you mean dropping dynamic workspaces in favor of workspace names, the answer is no)

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