Wine applications rescaling on hidpi screens

Hello everybody!!
Just wanted to open this thread since I just recently realized this issue, after upgrading my monitor to a 4k one.

Basically, on a hidpi display, wine apps that do not natively support hidpi screens ( if they do they scale properly by adjusting the dpi setting in winecfg) appear EXTREMELY SMALL on a 4k display, making them effectively unusable.
I am currently on X11. but i believe the issue persists in wayland sessions as well.
Windows “solves” this issue, by just magnifying those apps. Granted they’ll look blurrier than at native resolution, but this’ll make em usable again.
I know this is something the wine developers can’t do and needs to be addressed differently.
I was wondering, would there be a way to rescale certain apps in gnome?
I know about the scale-monitor-framebuffer, but that’ll affect all apps, even hidpi aware ones.
It would be amazing to have the option to apply it only on desired applications.

Thanks in advance guys!

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