Windows Speedup on Gtk::Label fast updates [FIXED]

Hi from inkscape team I found 4 issues rendering labels in a fast update content with pango markup. Very choppy repaint while dragging on Win32 (#6363) · Issues · Inkscape / Inbox · GitLab.

  1. WRAP MODE on WIndows:
    When enable and lines is set and ellipsize. Lot of lags:
    Because the label not need to shirnk, just use container size, than the container we remove wrap and the issue is gone. multiline still works and ellipsize also.

  2. STRONG:
    When the label update dinamicaly and some times has strong and other not the label update its sice. making whole app resize.
    I fix adding at extrems NBSP char

    Cause delays on this kind of multiline label in windows

  4. WRAP label contents.
    Also cause delays. Because different height of tags, Wrap full label markup into a container span to fix.

Please go ahead and fix upstream. This is jut to allow other pipol can fix in the while fixed.

this is the MR than fix or lag:

Discourse is not an issue tracker; if you found a bug in Pango, please open an issue.

Some help with the investigation is also very much welcome; for instance, you can use Sysprof on Linux to see where the time is being spent.

Yes but it help other people because show how to fix.
Can you please fill the bug? I spent 3 days fixing the issue and not time now.
Thanks in advance.

While is fixed people can apply my fix, or fallback for older pango when released the fix

Update. maybe is not a upstream bug, sorry.
Wrap is not used well because its intent is use with no ellipsize as pango say in documentation. so just we use it bad.
And our other issue is we are using line height with pango 1.5 but we check it in each set message function, so move to constructor instead in set message fix it.
Thanks so much for the reply @ebassi

Ok pango check is not the issue. seems not confirmed jet but we are calling set label in a stack so call multiple timed each update. this freeze a bit. The most freezeing issue is using wrap (bad used as I say previously)