Window Focus on Mouse over without delay

im a first time Linux user and so far im positv supprised how well everything is running!
Im using the GNOME version of Nobara.

But i run into a problem i cant solve by myself.
I changed the Windows focus on mouse over so when i have more than one window open i can change the one that is active just by placing my mouse curser over it.
So far so good. But there is a tiny delay on the focus switch. I want that delay to go away.
In windows 10 i could set a value in the registry to 0 so the delay was gone there.
I wasn’t able to find where it can be done on Linux / GNOME.
I did the windows focus change with “Tweaks”.
Can someone here help me out?

$ gsettings get org.gnome.mutter focus-change-on-pointer-rest false

should do the job.

(The behavior was originally added for the apps menu in the top bar, now that it’s gone we can probably just remove it again)

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just to be shure…because im a total linux noob (just installed it yesterday) :slight_smile:
i just type:
$ gsettings get org.gnome.mutter focus-change-on-pointer-rest false
in the shell and then the delay should be gone?

No problem.

Yes, just entering the command in a terminal (as user, not root) should remove the delay.

Note that the “$” is not part of the command. It’s commonly used in the prompt of non-root users, so it is often used in comments or documentation as a shortcut for “run this in a shell as non-root”.

thx for the answer.
I just noticed that the focus on a window does not change, if i move the mouse (realy) fast from window A to window B.
Not shure if this behavior can be changed and if it was the reason for my first problem.
Is there a way to change the window focus to change even if i move the mouse curser realy fast between different windows?
I hope i discriped my problem in a way thats understandable, english is not my first language.

Typo. Use set not get

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter focus-change-on-pointer-rest false


Sorry for the confusion.

With the set command it now workds as i hoped!
Thanks a lot for the help, i would never found that out by myself.

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