Window decorator is managed by application or not?

I have question about borders of application on GNOME. They are separated from application like in GNOME 2 or controlled by application ? Look at the picture below:

If in reality is like image over here, this is looking like in Windows XP (my last Windows) where application window border was managed by application and when this apps was crashed the buttons doesnt react.
I remember on GNOME 2 window borders was managed by metacity and independent from application.

Nowadays it’s typically Client-Side Decorations (CSD); that is, decorations are rendered by the application, not the WM / compositor. Like done on Windows, the compositor can provide a “ghost window” in case that an application becomes unresponsive.

There is not much reason to have the buttons still work when the application is hung. The only meaningful action left is to close the application, which GNOME Shell will do by showing the “Force Quit” dialog.

Yes, when application doesnt response GNOME show window with information about that and two options: Close or Wait but if i wanna wait and press this button - window with this information will show after 2-3 seconds again and so on in a circle. Better option is making title bar of application independent and controlled by window manager but i know titlebar and window control buttons are integrated with application cause this is GNOME interface style. In other way it would be so much waste of screen space cause: GNOME Top bar, Application title bar and application menu bar. Anyway, in my opinion window with information about crashed application should be showed again 5 - 7 second after pressing “Wait” button, not after 2 second like now.

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