Will Brasero ever get native blu-ray burning support in the near future?

Hi! I myself make a lot of backups on blu-ray discs, because blu-rays are currently the best form of long-term, cold backup in my opinion. Bit rot is a real problem and people don’t seem to understand this. Bit rot happens much slower in optical discs. On top of this, it is really hard to corrupt discs, data on the disc cannot be deleted by accident and discs are much more resistant to physical damage.

However, I noticed that Linux has a really bad selection when looking at burning programs and their features. Currently I think Brasero is the best program for burning, but the downside of brasero is that it doesn’t seem to support blu-ray disc burning at all, and m-disc support is also completely missing. Why?

Is there a particular reason why the gnome and linux community has decided that there is no need to burn blu-rays? I think it’s a bit sad how badly blu-rays have been ignored in the linux community. It also seems that there is very little good documentation and instructions for burning blu-ray discs on Linux, and the support also seems to be non-existent. Even in Windows and macos this is fully supported even without installing any additional programs.

Is there going to be a change to this sometime in the near future? This I mean that is there a some kind of clear plan for brasero to have fully featured built-in blu-ray support?


I would suggest looking at this from a different direction. I don’t think that anyone came along and decreed that there’s no need. Rather, no one with the need, interest, and capacity has done it yet.

I understand your use case, but it it’s a lot more obscure than burning CDs was in the heyday of that media — and DVDs at the tail end of that. I’d bet most people on any OS don’t ever think about writing blu-ray discs at all. You’re just seeing the effect of that in a smaller market — and one where development is often driven by personal interest.


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