Wiki - What is the right procedure to propose changes?

Hi, I’d like to:

  • Know where is the right place to propose some changes in the Gnome’s Wiki.
  • At the same time, propose that this procedure /guide/ link would be more accessible to the user.

Some places that I thought were relevant to search but couldn’t find:

Thanks for all the work

For limitations of new users, I can only insert 2 links.
Here is the link for the Wiki Home Page - Contributing section

What kind of changes are you proposing? Are they large changes that would need to be discussed? If not, then you can probably just go ahead and make the changes; the wiki is very informal.

If the changes are big or controversial and need discussion, then the chat channels at might be a good place to discuss it, or find out from there where would be the best place to discuss it, depending on what the change is.

You do need to be verified to edit the wiki, though. I believe there are instructions on how to get added to the verified users group on the wiki, but if not, just ask in the chat.

Or on Gimpnet (for IRC) or on the Matrix side of the bridge at e.g., where most contributors are (since in practice there isn’t much chat happening on the Rocket chat).

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