Why there is not a Text Editor setting on Default Applications?

I don’t use to open text files (.txt) often, but recently I had to do it and also had to find a way to change the default text editor. The natural way, for me, would be go to Settings, on the Default Applications menu and there change the Text Editor option. However, there is not a setting for that.

I would like to understand and discuss that, make it sense to have it? Should we it do? Can we do it?

You can set the default app in a file’s properties (i.e. [a txt file] → Right Click → Properties → Open With → [an app] → Set as default)

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Yes, that is the way that I took to change it, but I am wondering why change the default Text Editor is not like when I change my default calendar application.

I wonder if it’s possible to set a default handler for any MIME type that starts with “text/”. Not sure

That’s what Music/Video/Photos does — But now you’ve broken the Calendar and Web Browser selection

As far as I can tell, all “text/” types are already subclasses of “text/plain”.

That means the “text/plain” handler is used unless a more specific handler is available (like an IDE/code editor for source code, or a subtitle editor for subtitles).

As a default behavior, that seems a lot saner to me than using the text editor for anything text based.

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