Why is password protected file sharing still broken?

Hey, I started using Fedora starting with 36. From 36 and onward, the native GNOME file sharing feature, which can be enabled by default in Settings>Sharing, has been completely broken when used with the password option. Why? The ONLY way I can use this really handy feature is by using it password unprotected, which has obvious security implications. I’d love to use this feature, however, I can really only justify it on my own private network, and cannot leave it on constantly due to this.

How broken is it? Well, when I go to a guest computer running Fedora with GNOME desktop and try to connect, it asks for a password. I enter “guest” for the username as prompted, then the password. It looks like the volume is mounted, but trying to enter it just errors out saying “Could not display…The file is of an unknown type”. So, I try again. If you use “guest” for the username as the promt asks, and leave the password entry blank, a second password prompt appears that looks different. It also fails to work. Try leaving the username blank and entering the password? Same problem. Enter the username of the host and the password? Same issue. I really don’t understand why this is so unusable. Maybe the password option should be removed until it is figured out, or am I just missing something really obvious? Docs don’t mention this.

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