Why is gedit not free on Windows?

For a Windows version, why does the gedit page (Apps/Gedit - GNOME Wiki!) link to the Microsoft store and a version that cost $2.49 when gedit is free for all other platforms? Gedit at the Microsoft store doesn’t show its version (or I could not find that). Why isn’t the link for a Windows gedit version to this page Index of /binaries/win64/gedit/ (but that hasn’t been updated since 2016)?

Why should it be? That can be a side income to support the development.

Or it could be motivation to get the source code and work through the challenge to compile for Windows.

Compiling it once is one thing. Usually it is a lot of additional work over time to maintain Windows ports of Linux/Unix programs, to keep all the dependencies and toolchain working and to test on many versions of Windows, etc.

It would be nice if there was a part in description saying “You can get Gedit for free on Any Operating System which includes GNOME.” or something like this. But I’m not sure about Microsoft store rules.

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