Why gnome-control-center is so large?

Why gnome-control-center is so large ¹? It is just graphical interface for other software (like NetworkManager, PipeWire, Mutter, etc).

¹ Maintainership of GNOME Settings

If you read the post you linked to, you can see that there are 34 different panels that need continuous maintenance and improvements. Many of them interact with complex and constantly evolving system APIs. Having all of this in an application inevitably makes it a pretty large project.

Yeah, I did, but still those panels are still “just” UI.

Is gnome-control-center backend for something?

«Just» UI? Even that alone is a tremendous task to maintain at the scale of Settings. I suggest you take a look at the source code of the app. It’s quite a lot.

Can anyone confirm or disconfirm this:

Is gnome-control-center backend for something?

That question doesn’t make any sense, so it doesn’t have an answer.

The settings application is a frontend to multiple configuration sources and services.

Yeah, but some guy told me that gnome-control-center is also backend for something… and because of that I wondering if that could be the reason big size of gnom-control-center.

Anyway, you can confirm that gnome-control-center is not backend for anything?

You keep asking this question without any real understanding of “size” when it comes to a software project. If you start from a faulty premise there is no answer, however complex, that will give you the knowledge you’re looking for.

What do you mean with “big size”? Why do you think gnome-control-center conforms to your idea of “big”? Why is it a problem for you? What are you actually trying to achieve?

Just wondering :slight_smile: Yes/no answer would have been enough to that question. I now assume that gnome-control-center isn’t backend for any software of GNOME or other. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

“Some guy”? Who? Where? Were they a gnome-control-center maintainer?

Anyway, no: gnome-control-center is not a backend. It is a frontend. It is a required component for GNOME.

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I didn’t doubt that.

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