Why doesn't files page the files that are in the current view

Due to often working with large file numbers I have wondered this for some time as at times find things excruciatingly slow even with all thumbnailers disabled.
That thumbnailers thumbnail all files and not ± x amount of current pages is for me crazy but even why files doesn’t page is one I find extremely curious.
So I thought I would ask as why is not a view window a page of the current pages in memory and not this constant wait to load every file into memory?


I’m not sure I understand the question. Do you mean it like how google pages the list of results?


I’m not sure this would improve performance, because we still need to load all files in the folder, in order to know their properties to sort them properly.

Thumbnails are optimized to be generated first for the files currently visible.

I understand you’ve experience bad performance with this application. Sometimes this may be due to extensions. You can see the nautilus extensions currently installed in your system using this command:

ls /usr/lib64/nautilus/extensions-3.0/

In other cases, it’s the ~/Templates folder which causes bad performance, if there are too many templates.

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