Why does Synfig Studio show up as a private (and unsecure) app in Gnome Apps?

Is it a Gnome Apps issue or a Debian one?

I assume you are referring to its page in GNOME Software?

Whilst I don’t know what you mean by ‘private’, from ‘unsecure’ I guess your seeing:

image ?

Which already goes some way to tell you why it’s been “flagged”, clicking gives us more details:

Yes, I was referring to GNOME Software. Sorry, I couldn’t find the original name (my locale is pt_BR)
Now I tried run it with LANG=C but it still is on my lang o.O Do you know how could I change it without change system locale?

By “private” I meant a literal translation. The app details it as “a software without an open development” …

Do you know how could I change it without change system locale?

gnome-software keeps running in the background as a service. If you start it again, that instance will only notify the already running instance and than exit. Changing the locale for the notifier instance doesn’t affect the locale of the running instance, that’s why the UI still uses your actual locale.

You can ask the gnome-software service to quit, and then the manually started instance should become the primary one and pick up the locale:

$ gnome-software --quit
$ LANG=C gnome-software

By “private” I meant a literal translation.

In this context, the correct English translation is “proprietary”.

It’s not clear off-hand where that (mis)information comes from. The project is licensed under the GPL-3.0, and the appdata metadata reflects that.

Last but not least, the license information is picked up correctly here (for Synfig Studio from the flathub repository:

Synfig studio license information in gnome-software

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