Why do windows get resized on their own when using monitors with different DPI's?

I am using one 1080p and one 4K with 100% and 200% DPI without scale-monitor-framebuffer (because I suspect that enabling it causes a weird problem) on Wayland Gnome 43.3.

I have seen on Gnome’s GitLab that it is a known problem that system menu becomes very large on the 100% DPI monitor. And this is kind of understandable, because if you use the same menu, then the menu looked normal on 200% DPI would look very large on the 100% DPI monitor.

But another problem, I cannot understand why it should happen: windows on the 200% DPI monitor randomly become small when focus moves (but the windows themselves stay still on the 200$ DPI monitor). In the video below, I launched Gnome Files, and then clicked Gnome Text Editor on the left monitor, and the Gnome Files window became small. It is not the only case that this happens. It happens when I open a child window of an application or even when invoking the Overview (Super). I searched GitLab, but I could not find this (maybe I did not use the correct term). Why does this happen?

PS: Extension support has been disable (rebooted). The account is a newly created account with no settings changed other than the display settings.

Does this also happen if you configure the secondary monitor to be on the right? Just as a test, no need to actually move the monitor.

No, if I set the monitor positions in Gnome Settings → Display as 200% (left) : 100% (right), this does not seem to occur.

One thing I may need to mention is that the display numbers in Settings are 1 for the 200% monitor and 2 for the 100% monitor. That is, if I arrange them in their physical positions, the order becomes 2-1.


My RX6600XT has 3 DP and 1 HDMI, and all my monitors are using DP. I had tried to make the 200% monitor to have the number 2 and 100% monitor the number 1, by swapping the physical DP cable/ports, but then, there was a weird problem when putting the computer to sleep and waking it up. The 200% monitor gets disconnected and disappears in Settings. to be more precise, when waking up the 200% monitor gets turn on, but with black screen (I can still see the backlight), and after a moment, it gets turned off, and it does not appear in display settings. Logging out/back in did not restore the monitor, and I had to reboot the PC to restore the monitor.

Is that not a problem of RX6600XT itself but the problem of the specific brand of my RX6600XT? I had kind of wanted to avoid this kind of weird problem as a former user of hackintosh, so I even had asked a Linux community if there is a brand of RX6600XT that is known to work well with Linux before buying the card, but I got downvoted and the replies were that since all RX6600XT use the same driver, the Linux experience is the same regardless of the manufacturer.

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