Why do my labels go blue when switching notebook tabs

In my application Gtk-Rust, I have a GTKNotebook container, with three children, each having a TreeView and below the treeview, a GtkLabel, GtkEntry and GtkButton. When I run the app, as I switch pages the GtkLabel, gets highlighted in blue sometimes. The Entry and button also get selection highlights randomly. See img below

Why does this happen? and how can I prevent it?
I am using CompositeTemplates for the UI.

I found the problem. I had the three widgets in a FlowBox and this adds FlowBoxChild containers around each widget that causes this strange behaviour. Using Box instead solves the problem

Probably it’s because The FlowBox selects its first element when it gets the focus, which appears then blue.

Maybe try to set the FlowBox “selection-mode” property to NONE.

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