Why are the gnome-software and gnome-system-monitor packages not available on Flathub?

Greetings everyone. I use mx linux based on debian stable, I wanted to install the latest versions (46) of the gnome-system-monitor and gnome-software packages, both are in the repositories, but there are only old versions (43), so I went to flathub and started looking for them there, but these applications are not available on flathub, I went to gitlab, but there are no releases there at all, and at the same time there are no compiled packages for each version. And so I ended up here, maybe I was looking badly, but why aren’t these two packages on flathub and there aren’t compiled versions for each release on gitlab? Or are they stored somewhere else? Where can I get them then in my situation, just build them?

P.s: I hope I chose the right section and tags, if not, please correct me

I can’t speak for gnome-system-monitor, but gnome-software requires close integration into the system (to manage packages) so cannot be sandboxed, hence it is not available as a flatpak.

I advise you continue to use the version of gnome-software shipped with, and tested for, your distribution. Running a much more recent version of gnome-software than has been tested with Debian Stable could potentially break things.

What you are asking for is impossible.

Why? Flathub banned for some gnome applications?

No. Some applications are not really “applications”: they are system components, and are expected to act with certain privileges. If you widen/loosen the sandboxing element of Flatpak in order to make them work you’re essentially trading off the security model.

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