Why are Dialog related buttons (e.g. FontButton and ColorButton) being deprecated?

I understand that the new dialogs like FileDialog are a better alternative to the old dialogs like FileChooserDialog and we don’t need to have two different implementations that do the same thing.

But there are no alternatives to dialog buttons like ColorButton and these buttons actually are very useful. Shouldn’t these buttons just switch to using new dialogs under the hood in the next release (GTK5) instead of being deprecated now? It’s not like there is a hurry to implement these buttons with the new dialogs. We have something like a decade remaining to do so.

OK! It was not mentioned in the TWIG post or the blog post linked in it but reading the documentation, I found out that new dialog buttons were also added along with the new dialogs. So, for example, FontDialogButton is added and FontButton is deprecated. This makes sense. Should have been mentioned in the posts though.

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