While I love Nautilus, it can be horrific slow in many ways

A few notes:

… it is doing a lot of fancy stuff like checking/reading part files, etc. etc., thumb nailing (this BTW should be better managed in a thread and run with nice priority to not bog down a system – just saying).

But what I really would love to see is an automatic (for many files in a folder) or manual switch/option to post pone/background any fancy file “investigations” and always as fast as possible show all file names/date info simple as of the “directory” info without touching them (blazing fast) in what ever form or grid.

And please reserve/allocate the icon space so files are not shuffled around/rearranged until eventually done reading them all… this is highly annoying to work with. Often I simply want to select or mark a range of files to get a job done – impossible if things are flopping around.

Hi Percy,

the shuffling bug has been under investigation for some time now and is tracked at Thumbnails are shuffling around / resorting while loading large folders in grid view (#2826) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab

Thumbnailing is done in a background thread, although it is not having a niceness level set AFAIK, due to technical limitations.

The general idea is to list files as fast as possible, but showing modification dates etc. is considered fast enough to not require any delays.

Hi Peter,

that is good to know! Particular this shuffling issue.

One more note: Not sure how to manage the situation or if it is know at all – just to keep in mind, may be a simple solution?

Have a mounted (NFS) file system hooked into the file system at some mount point.
Sure all is fine normally.

But then have the NFS system been unresponsive temporary (for what ever reason, for example my NAS is sleeping when not been used and also wont wake automatically unless I activate it manually).

While not actively accessing the NFS folder or files:
at random nautilus freezes (until I wake up the NFS) – possible trying to catch up on some thing…
Mostly it is working so!

But certain functions causing it to check on the NFS folder, like sorting or looking for newest files, etc. and then it’s frozen right away. I have to kill it or start up the NFS.

That sounds like a bug. Potentially in the underlying gvfs library, but either nautilus should not lock up. You’re very welcome to report it in the issue tracker. Thanks!

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If this is a regular mount and not a gvfs user space one, freezing the applications trying to access the NFS while not available is the default behavior on the kernel side.

So you are saying I should figure out how to use gvfs to mount my NAS vs the system mount?
Wonder if there is a way do to this via fstab or is there a gvfs equivalent?

What I was trying to say is that the freeze in this case is not a nautilus/gvfs issue.

You could look into the soft mount option (and the related options) to see whether this is something that is something you could use in your setup without worrying about data loss.

If you want to use gvfs mounts instead, you can’t use fstab for this, but you could add a bookmark to nfs://... to nautilus and use that to access the NFS. Not sure how good the performance of that is though.

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