which ide to edit/debug source code on ubuntu?

I want to know how to edit/navigate/debug the source code on ubuntu. is qt creator a good candidate? if yes, how to configure the qt creator project file. thanks!

Note: I checked the README.win32 and learnt visual studio could be an ide on windows platform.

The GNOME option is Builder https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Builder. If you are used to e.g. Visual Studio, it might not be as “traditional” as you are used to, but well worth a try, I think you should even be able to set you up for Pango from the welcome screen.

If you are going to use QtCreator, make sure to use a recent version and enable the meson plugin. Despite being still “beta”, it works well enough to just pick up everything you would need.

To throw in my personal preference, if the project involves C++, I’d opt for QtCreator, anything with plenty of GObject stuff is handled much nicer by Builder

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thanks! jensgeorg, your comments is very helpful.
I found I missed something in the post, I want to debug pango (a lot of GObject ?) source code, in this case, Builder is better than QtCreator (still need some investigation like integrating meson)?

just install Builder on ubuntu and open folder of pango from gitlab, but build fail, is there some step-by-step guide to follow to setup Builder for pango project? thanks!

What I just did was:

  • Start Builder
  • Click on Clone Repository
  • Enter https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/pango
  • Click Clone Project
  • After that is done, click on the Build button (The checkerboardish symbol next to the project tilte in the middle)

Thank you very much, you saved my life, build ok, next I want to debug one of three examples and set break into the pango source code, but now I have no idea how to debug the example, maybe I need some time to learn meson, I feel very appreciated if you can shed a light on this.

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