Wherever this is supposed to go: GNOME / GIMP?

Just came across GIMP and downloaded it; donated a few $$ via card; then, the website changed to GNOME (or whatever) and a receipt from GNOME showed up in my email inbox. A perusal of the GIMP website gave no reference to GNOME (might have been hidden down several layers deeper . . . have other things to do than go through every link on a website).

So: Who is what and what is who?
So: What confidence am I supposed to have that my donation actually goes to GIMP?

Thank you.

Hello, @PilgrimHiker . Welcome to GIMP, and thank you for using GIMP and donating to GIMP.

I don’t know the details of the business relationships between the GIMP project and the GNOME project, but what you describe seems appropriate and expected. The GIMP website’s Donating page says,

The GNOME Foundation has graciously agreed to act as fiscal agents for us. Contributions to the GIMP project can be made by donating to the GNOME Foundation and specifying the GIMP project as the recipient.…

I suspect that is the path you followed.

Any further questions?
—Jim “just another GIMP user” DeLaHunt

Thank you. Always appreciative when someone somewhere on this globe awakens in the morning and decides to find someone to enlighten and assist. You are successful!

Appreciated / nels

And you ask this on… https://discourse.gnome.org ? :thinking:

You can also “Fund Core Team Developers Directly”.

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