Where to submit feature rrquest?

Hi, All,
Id like to submit a feature request for GTK+. Where do i go for it?

Thank you.

First of all, you check if there isn’t already an issue open about it; if not, then you can open an issue, or create a topic here.

Of course, “feature requests” are not really a thing: the GTK issue tracker already has ~2000 issues open, and not all of them are bug reports; and there are basically 1.5 people working on GTK at any given time. This means that you’re probably better off working on a merge request that implements your feature instead of opening an issue asking for somebody else to do it for you.

If you want to have a discussion on new API, you can use the gtk room on Matrix, or the #gtk channel on irc.libera.chat.

@ebassi ,
Id like to see “Maximum number of characters in the Text View” implemented.

Thesingle line text control already have it, why not extend it for multiline one?

Consider the scenario where you have a DB field in some table which haz a size of 256.
You really want to make it multiline control woth possivle vertical scrollbar to display the whole text at once.

But rather than relying on the DB it is easier and simpler to usr client side verification. And it is less surprising for user.

This is just one svenario. Im sure there are other possibilities…

Thank you.


There is already Gtk.TextBuffer.insert_text for that, to control the text being inserted. You can use it to trim extra characters if too long.

@gwillems ,
Well a single line text control has a dedicated function for that…

Thank you.