Where to get list of icons to use?

My extension lets the user customize a quick toggle to run user defined commands. They can enter the name of the icon they want to use for the button, but where can they get a list of the standard icons?

Currently I’m thinking to add a note in the preferences window that reads:

Note: For a list of available icons, navigate to the icon directory for your system's theme (typically located at: /usr/share/icons). For example, navigate to /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/symbolic for the default GNOME 46 symbolic icons.
Enter the icon file name (without the file extension) into the “Icon” field above.

Is there a better place to look that has a list of all the available icons they can use?

There’s an app called Icon Library which lists all the Adwaita symbolic icons.

This is a great resource - thanks for sharing! I will definitely link to this on the extension’s github page.

As far as what the user is shown inside the extension, I’m thinking of just directing them to look in their icon directory rather than linking to another application. Not sure what the simplest approach is for the user…

Example of what I plan to have (note shown at the bottom of the window) Any feedback is appreciated:

I would say that the directory route would be best, perhaps have a button to open the icon directory to simplify the process for the user?

That’s a great idea - thanks for the input!