Where to Announce GtkD Blog Posts

Hi All,

I’ve been searching all over for forums about GTK where I can let those interested know about a blog I’ve been writing since January this year. The main thrust of the blog is cross-platform development of desktop applications using GTK and the D programming language.


  1. Is it appropriate to post a link to my blog on here?

  2. How about making twice-weekly announcements when new posts go up?

  3. The new Gnome mailing lists don’t seem to include one for general development tutorials. Is Discourse a replacement for the old mailing list for this subject?

My background - I’m a self-taught programmer with more than 30 years experience in a multitude of languages. I contributed to a PHP-GTK tutorial blog back in 2006 and now I’m porting those examples over to D.

We don’t have a real place for announcing content, to be quite honest; Discourse is mostly for, well: discussions. Questions, proposals, etc.

Having said that, we could have a tag for this kind of content, and people can filter on it.

Thanks for the replay, ebassi. I did find a thread about useful documentation and posted something there.

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