Where is the logout button?

Sorry if this question sounds too basic or even stupid, but how are users supposed to logout from https://discourse.gnome.org?

It seems that there is no logout button available (or at least, I couldn’t find it).

Many thanks for your help.

If you click the button with your profile picture on the top right you will get a popup with a column of icons.

At the bottom of that column is an icon showing a person with a tooltip saying profile, clicking it will open the menu with the log out button.

That is awfully well hidden, that’s for sure.

It seems the situation is a bit better on meta.discourse.org though, which looks to have had the menus cleaned up and made easier to parse. I’m guessing its probably using a newer version of discourse.

I’m still not sure, that nesting what is effectively the main menu inside a notification popup is a good idea though.

Many thanks for your reply, @HighKingofMelons.

Having the logout icon just right after the person icon would have made a lot of sense (at least, to me).

Many thanks for your help again.

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