Where is sushi typelib?

As we know nautilus and sushi cant support preview .epub file, so I want to write a extension for quick look .epub book(focus on epub file convert service)

To reduce workload, I try to apply sushi window for preview file, located at /src/ui.

├── application.js
├── fallbackRenderer.js
├── main.js
├── mainWindow.js
├── mimeHandler.js
├── renderer.js
└── utils.js
const {Gdk, Gio, GLib, GObject, Gtk, Sushi} = imports.gi;
const Constants = imports.util.constants;
const MimeHandler = imports.ui.mimeHandler;
const Renderer = imports.ui.renderer;
const Utils = imports.ui.utils;

I searched online and found that GJS can run .js file directly. Considering import module search path like above, so I try to run command

cd src
gjs ui/mainWindow.js ./

then I get message below, it indicates that missing Sushi typelib.

(gjs:47777): Gjs-WARNING **: 16:30:19.251: JS ERROR: Error: Requiring Sushi, version none: Typelib file for namespace 'Sushi' (any version) not found
(gjs:47777): Gjs-CRITICAL **: 16:30:19.251: Script ui/mainWindow.js threw an exception

I know gjs search typelib path is /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/girepository-1.0, so I want to get a Sushi.typelib to put it in this lib directory. but i cant find Sushi.typelib anywhere.

my device is ubuntu 20.04, I install sushi through the package manager sudo apt install gnome-sushi. Where is my sushi typelib. Do I need to generate it from a .so shared library myself? but where is sushi .so libray?

I am a newbie to gnome, I am sorry that my question might be low level.

The Sushi typelib and .so are internal to Sushi, so I’m not sure it was ever intended to be used a public library. You may have some difficulties trying to use it as a library in another application.

In any case, it should be in ${LIBDIR}/sushi/girepository-1.0/.

Thank you for your help, followed your answer, I have found the Sushi.typelib and Sushi.so. and copy them to assigned directory.

That’s a terrible idea: Sushi’s typelib and shared library are not for general consumption. They are an internal, implementation detail of Sushi itself, and are not meant to be used by other applications.

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Hi, ebassi, Nice to meet you, I just asked your for help in Matrix(I know you from YouTube), Can I ask you specific questions in details? now sushi typelib file is enough for me to import manual in GJS and custom js code , I have basically achieved my goal to preview .epub file. But now I have trouble to generate gir file with class and function myself. I’m trying to simplify File Roller as a base class, then generate gir/typelib file, Finally, sushi can import it and preview compress files.

You’re doing something wrong, unless you’re literally writing Sushi itself.

FileRoller is another application: you can’t use it as a library.

If you want to add compressed file formats, you can look at libarchive.

Can you explain what are you trying to achieve? What are you writing?

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