Where does evolution-data-server syncs CardDAV and CalDAV to?

I’d like to make sure my backup includes both the address book and the calendar. They are presented by my email provider as CardDAV and CalDAV, and after setting up Evolution they show up everywhere you’d expect: Contacts, Calendar and GNOME Shell (searching or else clicking the clock). However, I can’t find the files under ~/.local/share/evolution. In example, ~/.local/share/evolution/calendar/system/calendar.ics is empty. Where are the relevant files stored / synced to?


See “Help > Contents > Common Other Questions and Problems > Data storage locations”. Thus my guess is ~/.cache/evolution/calendar/

Oh, indeed, there are ~/.cache/evolution/calendar/[hexcode]/cache.db and its equivalent address book. Silly me, I was looking for something like *.vcf files.

please note they are under the ~/.cache for purpose. As the data is on
a remote server, it can be always downloaded from there, and more
precisely the local cache is synchronized with the server content
periodically - as it’s done also on open of the book/calendar, whatever
you save in the ~/.cache/ can be void after the synchronization with
the server content. That’s the reason why File->Back Up Evolution Data
skips the ~/.cache/evolution/ directory. You can call
/usr/libexec/evolution/evolution-backup from a command line to create a
backup of your content into a single file.

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