Where did the jhbuild documentation go? To pages.gitlab.gnome

The JHbuild project page on the GNOME wiki has a link to the JHBuild manual on developer.gnome.org. This link leads to an error 404 at the moment.

The correct link is instead https://developer-old.gnome.org/jhbuild/unstable/.

JHBuild Issue 285 asks that the link on the project page be corrected, and gives a little background about why the developer site changed. Hopefully this clue will help others who were confused by the change, like I was.

The correct link is in the README in the GNOME / jhbuild · GitLab and directs readers to: https://gnome.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/jhbuild/index.html. Don’t use the developer-old one.

Not to say the project page on the GNOME wiki shouldn’t be updated, but the correct links to the documentation are on the GitLab project.

I’ve fixed the wiki and closed the issue.

Thank you for the correction.

Thank you for the fix to the wiki.

I edited the topic title to read “pages.gitlab.gnome” instead of “developer-old”, so that future readers of the topic will get the right idea.

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