Where can I see a list of css supported properties?

Hi, I am trying to custom my app using css, and I am missing a bunch of properties I can’t find in the documentation, like grid spacing, switch slider color, and so on.
Where can I see a list of css supported properties?
I am looking at the API here:

You should look at the C API reference for the selectors used by each class:

The supported properties are also part of the C API reference:

Can I set the row and column spacing using css?
Currently I’m calling set_row_spacing() but I want all styling done in css

You can use the CSS padding and margin on each child.

Thx, 2 more if you will:

  1. I changed the color of the switch slider to green, but when I select the switch the color I chose changes. It goes back to the desired color only when the widget loses focus. Can I set the switch color back when another control receives the focus?
  2. I have a scale control, can I have the value show percentage? How to I modify the slider color?

You’ll need a selector for the :focus state. You should look at the CSS overview, and any other W3C CSS guide. GTK tries to match the standard CSS; any deviation or addition is documented.

Have you looked at the GtkScale documentation? For instance, the GtkScale::format-value signal, and the CSS selectors applied to the scale widget?

THX for your help!!!

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