Where can I get the default icons that we see on gnome apps

Where do I find these icons? (Like the ones that are in red circle) I want to use them in my app but I couldn’t find any reference to these icons on the gnome website. Also, these icons are used in many gnome apps, where do I get the complete set of these icons? Also, what is their name?

That’s adwaita-icon-theme, you use them by name, e.g. open-menu-symbolic. That said, going forward it’s encouraged to bundle your icons instead of using the system ones unless for super common ones like primary menu.

See https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.gnome.design.IconLibrary to get the list of both system icons and ones for bundling.


If you cannot install this (great) application, Gtk still comes with the “gtk3-icon-browser” utility that does the same.

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Not really same, as it’s for system icons only.

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You’re right of course. But for getting the name of the four circled icons, it should be good enough. :wink:

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Kinda. At least one of them (preferences-display-symbolic) is meant for preferences only, and using it out of context will bring you problems later, like if it’s at some point changed to e.g. screen + a ruler like the equivalent full-color icon was previously, etc, so you’d need to find it in /usr and copy, while Icon Library will offer to do that right away :slight_smile:

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