Where are the settings, specifically the order, of the GNOME app drawer stored?

I’ve searched for these settings, but I can’t seem to find where the order of my icons and folders in my ‘app drawer’ are stored. I want to back these settings up so I don’t have to reorganize my icons/folders in the future if something ever happens and I need to reinstall Linux (I’m running Fedora).

Backing up and restoring ‘~/{username}’ doesn’t seem to contain this information as it doesn’t rearrange my icons/foders upon restoring.

It’s stored in GSettings. If you have ~/.config/dconf/user (the backend storage for GSettings) included in your backup & restore it should be preserved.

You can view the settings with the dconf Editor app. For the app order browse to /org/gnome/shell/app-picker-layout in dconf Editor. And if you have any app folders, for those browse to /org/gnome/desktop/app-folders/ in dconf Editor.

Thanks a lot for this information!

One thing: I have backed up and restored the entire ~/ director, so .config/dconf/user shouldn’t been backed up as well. When I restored the files, then my app order wasn’t changed. It’s possible the app was unable to copy the contents while GNOME was active and I missed the error.

How did you copy the home directory, exactly? If you’ve selected everything that’s visible inside it, then you haven’t chopped the hidden parts. In order to backup correctly, either you should display hidden files first, or you should go to /home and copy your username folder

Also I think dconf assumes it is the only process writing to its database, so if you restored your backup while a session (which includes dconf) was running, dconf might have overwritten the restored file again.

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