Where are the GNOME 45 runtime images?

Hi there, where can I find the gnome45 runtime image for building a flatpak app? I was expecting to find a gnome45 image on quay.io but I could not find it. I’d very much appreciate some hints and guidance, thanks!

Some background explanation about what I am trying to do: My app favagtk is currently built on top of org.gnome.Platform with runtime-version 44, as can be seen in favagtk’s flatpak manifest. I want to update the app to use GNOME45. In the gitlab CI build job, I have to specify a matching runtime image in order for the build to succeed; it is currently specified as quay.io/gnome_infrastructure/gnome-runtime-images:gnome-44, see favagtk’s .gitlab.ci.yml file. I was expecting to find a gnome45 image on quay.io but I could not find it.

They are available in flathub repository.

$ flatpak remote-info flathub org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/45

        ID: org.gnome.Platform
       Ref: runtime/org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/45
      Arch: x86_64
    Branch: 45
Collection: org.flathub.Stable
  Download: 370.4 MB
 Installed: 1.0 GB

    Commit: 5ea1c46c6534b3610d4a680de06631558914820d68c31f12d655d29b787e3622
    Parent: b59085a37a353ac4bb3dca7ce0f808955edb3585e5230e528297e4875a51d24c
   Subject: Export org.gnome.Platform
      Date: 2023-09-21 10:24:39 +0000
$ flatpak remote-info flathub org.gnome.Sdk/x86_64/45

        ID: org.gnome.Sdk
       Ref: runtime/org.gnome.Sdk/x86_64/45
      Arch: x86_64
    Branch: 45
Collection: org.flathub.Stable
  Download: 839.5 MB
 Installed: 2.5 GB

    Commit: e9bcefe5a1be71b1a20879527ea8df520b1bb488bb728fb1cd5f5850d7b162a1
    Parent: 175874de855dcc4e8a5846cfd43ab2335ff9401825cf04a71fc2a09e1fa2d7cf
   Subject: Export org.gnome.Sdk
      Date: 2023-09-21 10:48:43 +0000

If they are not available in https://quay.io repository yet, you should probably raise the issue there.


Thank you!

I think I am already using these images in my flatpak builder manifest file like this:

  "app-id": "org.gnome.gitlab.johannesjh.favagtk",
  "runtime": "org.gnome.Platform",
  "runtime-version": "45",
  "sdk": "org.gnome.Sdk",
  /* ... */

The problem is, the CI build fails unless the docker image (where flatpak-builder is run) includes the gnome45 sdk and platform. Any recommendation for making or getting such a docker image? Where specifically can I raise the issue? Quay hosts these images but does not create them, right? Can I ask the GNOME infrastructure team, are they creating the images on quay?

It seems to me that the “Gnome runtime images” project over on gnome’s gitlab produces the docker images. So I asked them if they could produce and upload a GNOME 45 docker image on quay, see issue #11 in the gnome runtime images project

Docker images with GNOME45 sdk and platform are now available on quay, thanks to everyone involved!

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