Where are the contact avatars saved

Where are Gnome mobile app contact version 42.0 avatars saved? Is there a difference between Ubuntu and Debian where they are saved? What is the folder location in the home directory? Where is the documentation that states where the folder is?


does not have any :-/ neither are any in the akonadi folders.
Definition of Avatar: Contact image, or the placeholder image with the first and last letter of the name.

Below is an example that yellow circle can be replaced with an image of the person with the name of Spam, while the image might be in your Pictures folder (home/me/Pictures), where does the app save that image or adjusted image?

Screenshot from 2022-06-24 19-22-12

Context: my app is very very sluggish and slow when searching contacts, my intuition is telling me a avatar image is 80MB large so i want to find the folder and downscale all images in that folder to elliminate that possibility.

GNOME Contacts mostly uses evolution-data-server, which saves its avatars in a subfolder in $HOME/.cache/evolution/addressbook/

No, not as far as I know, but you’ll have to ask the downstream packagers to be 100% sure.

Akonadi is the KDE-specific framework to save contacts and other related things (a bit similar to evolution-data-server), so you won’t find anything there.

Note: those placeholder images are drawn on the spot directly by GNOME Contacts; no image file is loaded there

I would first profile the application before making such assumptions :slight_smile:

Perfect thanks for the answer and solution.

I only had 370KB of images with 7 images so the sluggishness of the app searching contacts isn’t avatars, but something else. I am syncing contacts using the evolution plugin and maybe something is getting messed up during that syncing.

But then it should really asynchronously sync and not when you search only, search local, then fetch new data if it exists kinda work flow, not sync and fetch new data then search data locally.

In Ubuntu on my MBP 2011 there is zero slow down or delay (also using the evolution cardav plugin).
On Debian/PureOS with Gnome on a mobile phone its crawling.

Contacts doesn’t have any plug-ins, so I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about here.

Contacts doesn’t sync when fetching; it does so at startup (which has its own set of issues, as people have complained about slow startup).

Again, you’re making assumptions on what is slowing down Contacts on your machine. You definitely need to first understand what is happening (e.g. through profiling) before making wild guesses.

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