Where are synchronized Google Photos accessible within GNOME?

I’ve added a Google account in control center, and Google Photos synchronization is enabled on the account I added, and yet I can’t find my photos visible anywhere on the desktop or in any app. Are Google Photos in fact synchronized to my computer when that switch is enabled, and if so, where can/should I be able to see them?

Nowhere. The Google photos integration that used to provide it used the Picasa API that is no longer working and no one stepped up to implement the new API. Add Google Photos support (#41) · Issues · GNOME / libgdata · GitLab

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If the switch in the GNOME control center UI literally doesn’t do anything, then maybe the switch should be removed from the UI for the time being?

It seems like a bug for the UI to be claiming to be providing functionality that it’s not in fact providing.

(Or, if the goal is to let people choose to enable it now so that when the functionality returns it’ll be available to them, maybe say that in the UI?)

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I agree. If somebody wants to send a merge request, that would help.

Also, libgdata was removed from GNOME 44, so everything that depends on that (e.g. Google Drive support) should be removed as well.

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