What to do when being unable to recover a GitLab account?

I did not find any support email or things like that so I guess this is fine enough place to put this, after all this is something that “do not fit an issue on GitLab” as I can’t access GitLab due to an account problem.

So my issue is that no matter what SSO login option I use I get a page like:

page text for searchability

using GitLab.com auth failed

failed because Email has already been taken.

Try logging in using your username or email. If you have forgotten your password, try recovering it

I’ve tried the account recovery multiple times with the exact same email as on my accounts I use to login, but I have received 0 password reset emails (I did check my spam folders).

This started a while ago when I think I forgot which login option I had used and then probably used a different one and then tried to do an action that prompted for a password, but I can’t remember ever setting one. Then at one point I tried to login again to solve that problem but I was never able to login again. So basically I think my account on GitLab is in some weird state where it cannot be recovered. This is not exactly the same as a GNOME account for which all advise on changes seems to be to post an issue on GitLab, but nowhere did I find anything saying what to do if GitLab doesn’t let me in.


what’s your username?

Same as here, I think. At least my email on this account should be the exact same as the one I’m trying to login to GitLab with.

Please try recovering your account again now :slight_smile:

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I received the password reset email now. Thanks for the help.