What’s using location services?

The Location Services icon is currently displayed in the top bar:

Location Services icon

Why? Where can I see what’s happening? I tried looking in Settings → Privacy → Location Services but nothing is listed:

The icon is unlabeled and unclickable. What action am I supposed to be able to take in response to the icon calling my attention?

I don’t know but maybe there’s some info in your journal. Try systemctl status geoclue.service or journalctl -b --unit=geoclue.service to get the logs for the current session. See if there’s any info about what, if anything, it is doing.

The help describes what location services is used for:

Geolocation, or location services, uses cell tower positioning, GPS, and nearby Wi-Fi access points to determine your current location for use in setting your timezone and by applications such as Maps.

It shows that the service is running, but not much more.

Dec 13 16:25:08 main systemd[1]: Starting Location Lookup Service...
Dec 13 16:25:08 main systemd[1]: Started Location Lookup Service.
Dec 13 18:47:07 main .geoclue-wrappe[2312]: WiFi scan failed
Dec 14 08:22:18 main .geoclue-wrappe[2312]: Failed to query location: Refresh already in progress
Dec 14 08:43:09 main .geoclue-wrappe[2312]: WiFi scan failed

I don’t know either. Disable it if you don’t need location services? If you don’t take your laptop across timezones and you can find yourself on a map—location services is probably not useful.

Looks like apps like Firefox and Web also use geoclue. They have a location services permission in their preferences where you configure whether these apps can use the location services. Maybe you have Firefox open and have enable (or rather, not disabled) location services in Firefox and you’re on a website that uses location information?

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